Unboxing the Hobonichi 2018!

I finally placed my Hobonichi order on the 24th while I was still back in my home country. It took them just three days to ship the thing off and one day for it to reach my apartment! The package reached my place exactly one day after I returned to Japan so I was really hyped!

Tori-to-hana front cover

If you’ve read the post I made about 2018’s line-up impressions, you would know that this cover wasn’t originally inside the list of covers that caught my eye. To be honest, I just bought this cover on a whim because all three covers that I had my eye on got sold out before I could place my order. But to be honest, I was so glad I purchased this cover after I got to see it and feel the material directly. It’s just simply gorgeous.

Inside view of the tori-to-hana cover

This tori-to-hana cover (lit. bird and flower) is a collaboration cover together with a brand named minä perhonen, a Japanese fashion brand. Each year, they produce a different cover together but I was never really interested in their designs. To be honest, I never would’ve wanted to purchase a cotton-type cover because it’s hard to maintain, however, I find that this cover’s color combination is really soothing for me. The insides of the cover are made of synthetic leather, giving it a unique touch.

Details of the flower embroidery
The bird embroidery

At first, I thought that the embroideries on this cover would be rough, but it’s actually really soft and smooth it really feels satisfying to feel it on your hands. The dotted lace bookmarks are beautiful on its own as well, but I found a little problem caused by this which will be discussed more below.

Comparison of the original and avec planners

Moving on to the planners. This year I decided to try out the avec version of the planners that Hobonichi has. I found out that my current 2017 planner was too chunky for me to bring out and I always end up leaving it in my drawer. Avec planners are divided into two, so it’s lighter and slimmer as well.

2018 planner goodies

As usual, Hobonichi will give you bonus goodies for purchasing their planner online. This year’s goodies consists of a fluorescent yellow ballpoint and a meal decider dice. I love the pens provided by Hobonichi since they’re easy to write with. The dice, however, will remain untouched just like the toaster plate they give out for 2017.

The gap formed by the bookmarks

Since this cover has lace bookmarks, it’s thicker than the usual bookmark they have. It ended up creating that somewhat big gap between the pages when I tried to close the book. It was disturbing when I found out at first because my planner couldn’t close flatly, but I’ve learned to bear with it lol.

The planner, all together

So that’s it for the unboxing + mini review. I hope you find those poorly taken photos satisfying for your needs. Overall, I’m really pleased with the service and delivery for this year since it was processed really quick (as usual). This planner cover might be the most expensive one that I’ve purchased, but the quality does not fail me at all! I’m looking forward to using this cover in 2018 and find out what 2019 (I know it’s still far, but time flies) will offer!

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  1. Items are sold out so quickly 😥 It’s true that Original becomes really chunky, I’ve been thinking about getting an Avec but it would have been too expensive with the cover I chose. Tbh I don’t really like the bookmarks usually bc they’re so thick, but I put them anyway since you can’t take them off.

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