Chuu 2019 Lucky Bag

Aside from the Adidas Lucky Bag, I also got another Lucky Bag from Chuu this year. It’s my first time seeing them selling it and at first I was unsure whether the contents would justify the price. There were two ‘prices’, 10,800 yen and 5,400 yen. I got myself the pricier one because it comes

10 Day Trip To Gotenba Pt. 3

This is the last post for the places I visited during my time in Gotenba. We visited the Shiraito Waterfalls, which is located in Fujinomiya city. It took us around one hour and thirty minutes of train ride and half an hour of bus ride to get there from Gotenba Station. For this trip, only

10 Day Trip To Gotenba Pt. 2

We spent the next few days exploring the Fuji Five Lakes (actually only 1 lol) and Yeti Snow Town. To explore Fuji Five Lakes, there’s a 2 day pass that you can purchase which gives you free bus rides around the lakes. We explored the lakes on day one and went to the Fuji Q

10 Day Trip To Gotenba Pt. 1

The picture of illumination above is taken at Gotenba Station, which is the main station in the city of Gotenba in Shizuoka prefecture. The town itself is not big, it looks even more countryside than Beppu, but you can see Mt. Fuji from this place almost every day. I went to Gotenba for my winter

Late 2018 Wrap Up and Hello 2019

I haven’t been posting anything ever since my last post because I was so busy during both school and winter vacation. I went somewhere for the first time during winter break since my friends invited me. I spent both Christmas and New Year there, too. There were hardships, of course, but there were times I

Preparing gifts

I think this might be the first time I’m genuinely excited for Christmas. It’s also the first time I’m going all out in wrapping and picking presents for my friends. Last year, I wouldn’t have even thought of giving someone else a present or even writing a letter to them. Haha. I’m a little happy

Review: Hand Stitched Leather T

I ordered a handmade leather cover for my Hobonichi weeks last month and it arrived just yesterday, 3 weeks after the seller shipped it. I purchased the Weeks cover from this Etsy shop for 35 euros after watching a review from a Youtuber the other day. The leather looked so nice in that video so I

Stationeries from Classiky

I got myself an early Christmas gift this year. This time I purchased everything from the online website of Classiky, which is a Japanese ‘antique’ store. Most of the items there are hand-crafted. They have an array of items besides stationeries as well. I think they also do shipping outside Japan if you’re planning to