Current skincare favorites

It might look like I bought a lot of products and threw my money off the window, but rest assured, most of them are cheap samples that I bought to test out lol. Let’s jump straight into the contents! People were raving about this toner for the longest time and I had to get my

Catching up from April 2019

Welcome back to my blog, I guess? Lol. I was finally able to get this blog running again after it went down almost two months ago. It was really hard migrating a dead blog. I almost thought that it couldn’t be salvaged anymore. Bless customer service for helping me to get it up again!

Finding new hobbies

These days I’ve been doing nothing but self-studying Japanese and watching vlogs on Youtube. My favorite channel is 슛뚜sueddu for her cinematic style and non-dizzying vlogs (if you get what I mean). Her videos are really lovely and relaxing to watch. I feel like they have healing power lol. Actually, her channel is the main

My first camera

I just got myself a new Sony ∝6000 mirorrless camera two weeks ago! I bought it with the savings I accumulated from my scholarship money. I’ve always wanted to get my own legit camera for so many years but I always ended up changed my mind in the last minute since it was too expensive.

Feeling down and humiliated

This semester, I decided that I would take a winter session class. This type of class is held 5 days consecutively and separately from the normal schedule and the school would invite guest lecturers from outside the university. The name of the class I took was Brand Management, taught by a supposedly famous person I

Mini shopping at Muji

I love Muji products for their overall aesthetically designed and good quality products. They had another sale recently so I dropped by to check if there was anything that I could buy. In the end, I got myself a neck pillow, a paper shredder, a makeup brush, two cleaning tools, a nail oil, 2 glass

Chuu 2019 Lucky Bag

Aside from the Adidas Lucky Bag, I also got another Lucky Bag from Chuu this year. It’s my first time seeing them selling it and at first I was unsure whether the contents would justify the price. There were two ‘prices’, 10,800 yen and 5,400 yen. I got myself the pricier one because it comes