My 2020 Hobonichi

I visited Tokyo last week to work on some visa applications. I visited Ginza Loft (possibly the biggest Loft in Japan) while I’m at it and … bought new Hobonichi covers when I told myself I wouldn’t buy it …

New cover and techo for 2020!

The soda water cover (left) has been in my wish list ever since they released it last year. I never brought myself to buy it since it was expensive. This year, they kept the A5 cover for this version but didn’t carry over the A6 size. When I saw the A6 size for sale in Loft, I immediately got my hands on it.

I’m sticking with Hobonichi Weeks as my school planner as well. I got this year’s cover in ‘ramune‘ (right). It’s a very pretty blue.

Housing my 2019 Hobonichi in the new cover

Since I was so excited, I immediately switched out my 2019 planner and fit it into the new cover. It looks very pretty that I did not regret the purchase even though it left my wallet flat.

My old tori-to-hana cover
Housing the 2020 in this cover for now

I also bought the 2020 A6 planner and have stuffed inside my old cover for now. I’m planning to use it just as a daily planner like how I’ve always used it.

Sora Check cover

Also, it wasn’t in my to-buy list but I ordered myself an old A5 cover from the 2019 lineup through the online website to house a free planner I got from my university. I’m really excited for it to come!

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