December 2019 and end of year wrap up

I have just realized that I did not post anything for December and that 2019 already ended before I could post this lol. The last month of 2019 was a blast. Extreme things happened (will be explained in another post) but good and nice things like watching Christmas fireworks in the middle of winter happened

November 2019

This month was hectic and tiring. My calendar has never looked so crowded and I feel like I’m always out and about physically and mentally. So many things were happening and it’s hard to process what’s really happening around me. Highlights Went to the States for the first time! Fell on my knee and earned

Schaumburg, IL

The event ended in the afternoon so we had a couple of hours to explore the city. I decided to visit Woodfield Mall, which is the biggest premium outlet in the area (apparently). My newly made Korean friend decided to join me since she had to do some shopping as well. We took the free

Chicago, IL

I was in Chicago (to be exact, Schaumburg) for a week from 29th of October to the 4th of November to attend the Global Leadership Summit held by Beta Gamma Sigma. Obviously, the event wasn’t the highlight of the whole trip. It was more about the places I visited and the new friends I made,

Night Sea Hell

Umi Jigoku is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Beppu. It’s usually open during the daytime, but this time, it also opens at night for a special event! ‘Yoru’ itself means night. Right as you enter, you can see a lot of illuminations decorating the place. The entrance is different from the one

Shifting back to reality

I didn’t realize that my 2 months holiday will be over in less than a week and that I need to go back to university and undergo my last year to graduate. Which means I also need to do find jobs soon. I am actually torn between continuing education and finding a job. During my

Life back in my home country

I would like to think that I’ve been spending the first two weeks of my summer break quite productively. For the first five days, I spent my time reconnecting with my friend that’s studying abroad in the states and happened to be on her break as well. We met three days in a row, going

June 2019 in a nutshell

Life June was fun yet extremely exhausting. I got to go to Osaka for holidays, but I also had to prepare for internship applications as well as keep up with my lessons. I still haven’t gotten any updates from my internship employer. I do wish I got the job but at the same time I’m