Winter Anime 2015/2016

Winter anime season is going to start soon! I’ve marked several titles that I’d follow when it gets released. I’m not really sure I can watch it directly, though, since I’m going to have my schedules packed with exams and try outs. Well anyway, here goes the list! Nijiiro Days I’ve caught up with the

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Midterm break

I wouldn’t actually call it a ‘break’, seeing as we students still have shitloads of work to do that were given by teachers. I’m also still thinking about the inevitable red mark on my midterm report. Nevertheless, having three days off (excluding Saturday and Sunday) is till something that I really have to appreciate, since

Highlights: Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki no Soma is a manga written by Tsukuda Yuuto and drawn by Saeki Shun. It was originally released as a one shot, but then got very popular, so it turned into a manga series in the end. About 130 chapters has been released for this ‘food wars’ manga. The anime adaptation was then released during

Summer Anime 2015

This season’s anime has gone halfway through! Though there may not be many that I found interesting, I still have several titles that always made me excited! There were also several that I dropped halfway because I just didn’t feel like continuing it … But let’s just focus on the ones I really love! Aoharu x